Thursday, May 7, 2009

European Election 2009 - UK Candidates

Latest update 2 June 2009.

On 4 June 2009 each electoral region will MEPs in accordance with the number of votes for each party list.

There are 12 Regions - The candidates who have made the Simpol pledge are listed alongside each region with their party. Simpol Adopters are encouraged to contact their preferred candidate(s) to ask them to sign the pledge (download by clicking or all candidates if they have no preference. You can find a full list of candidates at:

  • East Midlands: Sue Blount (lead candidate - Green Party), Matthew Follett (4th candidate - Green Party)

  • South East: Jason Kitkat (5th candidate - Green Party), Caroline Lucas (lead candidate - Green Party), Peter Skinner (lead candidate - Labour Party), Keith Taylor (2nd candidate - Green Party),

  • London: Claude Moraes (lead candidate - Labour Party), Shasha Khan (6th candidate - Green Party).

  • West Midlands: Ian Davison (4th candidate - Green Party), Felicity Norman (lead candidate - Green Party), Chris Williams (3rd candidate - Green Party).

  • Wales:

  • Scotland: Paul Hencke (UK Independence Party)

  • North East:

  • North West: Peter Hirst (8th candidate - Liberal Democrat Party)

  • South West: Richard Lawson (6th candidate - Green Party), David Taylor (3rd candidate - Green Party)

  • Eastern region: Rupert Read (lead candidate - Green Party)

  • Northern Ireland:

  • Yorkshire and the Humber:

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  1. I did not get asked to sign, but am already a simpol supporter Richard Lawson, Candidate on SW Green Party list.


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